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Microsoft Anna Text-to-Speech English Voice

Microsoft Anna is the all-new Windows Vista and Windows 7 replacement Text-to-Speech voice. Microsoft Anna replaces the older robotic sounding TTS voice known as Microsoft SAM. Microsoft Anna is a major improvement if you are comparing her to Microsoft SAM, she sounds more natural. You cannot download and install Microsoft Anna as it is pre-installed only on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Anna only speaks English and is installed on all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 by default except Chinese releases as they have their own Chinese voice called Microsoft Lili (微软莉莉), which speaks Chinese.

This means if you purchase Windows Vista or Windows 7 English edition, Anna speaks English, and if you purchase Windows Vista or Windows 7 Spanish edition, Anna speaks English.

If that sounds unfair to you, we could not agree more. If the Chinese release of Windows Vista and Windows 7 can have a Chinese TTS voice, then surely the Spanish release of Windows Vista and Windows 7 should have a Spanish speaking TTS voice. As a matter of fact, every language release of Windows Vista and Windows 7 should provide a supported language TTS voice as to the operating system.

English OS = English TTS voice
Spanish OS = Spanish TTS Voice
French OS = French TTS voice etc, etc.

You can use SpeakComputer free text-to-speech software readers with Microsoft Anna English speaking TTS voice.

For TTS voices that support other languages, please see Cepstral.

Microsoft Anna, Natural Voice for Windows Vista.

Below, you can listen to samples of Microsoft Anna.

Anna, Normal Speed.

Anna, Slower Speed.

Anna, Faster Speed.

Hi, my name is Anna from Microsoft, I am the new natural sounding Voice for Microsoft Windows Vista users.

All versions of Windows Vista include my English Text to Speech voice. I can be used with Microsoft Narrator, which is a Text to Speech software application included with Vista. I am also used in SpeakComputers.com free Text to Speech software. With SpeakComputers.com Free Text to Speech software, I can read English web pages and documents, you can control my voice speed for faster or slower speaking. You can also get me to Speak to Mp3 or wav files for later play back.

I will only work with Windows Vista versions. You cannot install me on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

I can be used for users who have low vision, for those wishing to learn the English language and for proof reading documents.

What I enjoy.

  • I am a chatter box. I love to Speak.
  • I love to travel. You can find me in all countries.
  • As I love to travel, I would also like to learn a few new languages, namely, Arabic, Chinese, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.
Below you can vote for my next language course you would like me to attend. I will ask the languages department at Microsoft, to send me on the most voted for language course.

Please vote. Thank you.

The above reading (Microsoft Anna voice) is for demonstration purposes only. There is no way to know if Microsoft will ever provide different Text to Speech voices that can speak other languages (included with the Operating System) on Windows Vista or Windows 7.


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